By Scott T. Sterling

Linkin Park officially revealed the band’s new collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, “A Light that Never Comes,” on L.A.’s KROQ (a station) this morning.

While fans were able to “unlock” the song late last week by playing the band’s new Facebook game, “LP Recharge,” “A Light that Never Comes” was officially debuted during the Kevin & Bean show, with band member Mike Shinoda calling in to discuss the track with the KROQ DJs.

“The coolest part about the song is it was really organic in how it came together,” Shinoda explained. “Steve (Aoki) and I first talked on Twitter, and then we were emailing, and then we started throwing music back and forth. It eventually resulted in besides the song being finished, we got onstage with him at a show that we did, the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, which is one of their biggest shows. It’s a really diverse bill, and Chester and I went onstage with him and played the song.”

Shinoda discussed how the seeds of the collaboration were planted when the band released instrumental and a capella versions of songs from their last studio album, 2012’s Living Things. After being inundated with remixes from various DJs using the individual parts, the band decided to share those versions with their most dedicated fans.

“Anybody who bought Living Things on our website directly from us at, they got a remix a month for like six months, which is really pretty cool. But in order to get those remixes [to send out] for the six months, we got tons and tons of remixes,” Shinoda elaborated. “We ended up with a bunch of different [remixes] that people have still not heard, and we’re actually going to be putting them together on a remix album, Recharged [set for release on October 29]. The album will have remixes from Datsik, Killsonik, and there’s a remix of the Aoki song by Rick Rubin himself.

“Rick [Rubin] doesn’t usually make a track, he produces stuff for other people, so this is a really special thing. I’m really excited about it,” Shinoda continued.

Shinoda also talked about the current trend of EDM mixing with the world of rock, like Avicii‘s breakout single, “Wake Me Up,” which features Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and vocalist Aloe Blacc, with Shinoda revealing that he had a hand in that song coming together.

“I actually met with [AVICCI] and we played around with some music,” Shinoda said. “I don’t actually think that any of those demos are going to end up in the world, but when we did meet and were throwing around ideas, I [asked] him, ‘Oh, have you ever heard of this soul singer I believe is from L.A. called Aloe Blacc. He’s really interesting and I like him and he’d sound great on this song that you wrote.’ He said, ‘send me a link or something.’ So I actually introduced him to Aloe, and that ended up being the song.

“I think that EDM is at a place where it can either repeat itself, stay kind of stagnant and eventually get boring, or people can do what Steve is doing, what Avicii is doing, what a lot of these other guys are doing and start experimenting and taking chances,” he added.

Shinoda also talked about Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington joining the current version of Stone Temple Pilots in lieu of that band’s longtime beleaguered frontman, Scott Weiland, and how it brings Bennington full-circle.

“At the time, our biggest concern about Chester as this new guy was he sounded a lot like Scott Weiland. I’m not even kidding you,” Shinoda recalled of Bennington’s early days with the group. “We said he sounds like Perry Farrell and Scott Weiland, but more Scott Weiland…STP has always been one of his favorite bands forever. He knows all of their songs…We understand that’s like one of his childhood fantasies coming true, and we knew he was going to come back.

“It’s awesome that they’re having kind of a rebirth,” Shinoda continued regarding STP. “Those guys, for the drama that’s gone on internally in that band, to this point it hasn’t spilled over into anything with Chester or us. I hope Scott knows that there’s no bad blood between us and him or Chester and him. This is strictly like, those guys asked him to do something, he’s really excited about it and clearly those guys have no intention of doing it with Scott, so that’s not even an option. This is just where it’s ended up and I think the people really benefiting are the fans who get to see those guys live.”


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