By Annie Reuter

In May, Thompson Square‘s Keifer Thompson went through something no singer would wish upon another: he had a hemorrhage that forced him to takeĀ two weeks of vocal rest. The doctor was convinced he’d have to operate but after one week of vocal rest saw the hemorrhage decline, Keifer was almost in the clear.

“It’s been kind of a miracle. We did one more week [of vocal rest] and the hemorrhage went completely away. In a matter of two weeks, literally not speaking at all for two weeks. It was one of the hardest things I had to do,” he said.

Keifer is convinced that thanks to the prayers of family and friends, he’s doing much better.

“We had a lot of people praying for me. A lot of fans and family. That’s the only thing I can attribute it to because he was like, ‘That’s not going down. That’s not going away.’ And it went away.”

Doctors showed Keifer what he was doing wrong vocally for the hemorrhage to appear and he’s making sure he takes care of himself.

“It was really hard for us to be off for two weeks because we’ve been going, going, going for three years,” wife Shawna said. “We’d go shopping or something and then we’d separate in the store. I couldn’t call him because he couldn’t talk. We’d do this whistle thing like Marco Polo through the store.”

The break is just what the duo needed. Back with their current single, “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About,” Thompson Square told how the song came together during a writers retreat in Colorado with songwriters Brett James and David Lee Murphy. While Shawna slept in one morning, the guys had the song practically finished by the time she awoke.

“We had the guitar lick and the idea and first verse. She went over to cook and by the time she got done we had it finished up,” Keifer said. “The subject matter is everything I shouldn’t be thinking about so when you get three guys writing about that, it’s not really hard.”

He added: “Writing her verse was easy too because we were just writing about what we had hoped she was thinking about. Turned out to be a single and we’re just really excited about it and it’s going over great and doing well.”

Shawna admits that making the video was one of the highlights of their career so far.

“We were able to film in Patsy Cline’s house. It was pretty neat. Every little detail that was in there, she chose that. We took a break from shooting for a second and I looked over on the wall and there was an intercom system, which had to be really high tech for the ’50s,” she said. “I told Keifer out loud, ‘I can’t believe Patsy Cline’s finger touched that button!'”

No artist has ever been able to shoot at Cline’s home and Keifer said they felt honored to be the first ones. They even learned that another famous country singer’s handwriting was on the garage door.

“There was some writing on the garage door and it was actually Johnny Cash’s signature and a note,” Shawna said. “He left a note for Patsy on her garage door.”

“He was mad because she wasn’t there when he came over,” Keifer said. “It said, ‘Next time be there, Johnny Cash.'”


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