Leaked Lana Del Rey Demos From 2009 Show How Far She’s Come

Lana Del Rey is known for her retro style that she likes to call “gangster Nancy Sinatra.” But there was a time long, long ago (we’re talking pre-Lizzy Grant era) when Del Rey was still trying to find her sound. It’s a time that Del Rey probably wouldn’t want fans to know about. Unfortunately,  Princess Superstar didn’t feel the same way.

The producer has released three tracks and one remix from a 2009 recording session she had with Del Rey, according to SPIN. Though the songs were never released, they show an early sign of what was to come from the singer.

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On “Maha Maha,” which translates to “great,” she croons (not always on key, unfortunately) like a lounge singer over a highly produced beat that has a bit of Middle Eastern influence.

With the spacey track “Catch And Release,” Del Rey seems like she was going for something a little Pink Floyd-inspired to focus on her current favorite topic, old Hollywood glamour. “If you’ve got the cash, lock it down tight/ I’ve got the looks. You’ve got my heart right?” she sings over a droning beat.

Her track “Golden Grill” starts with a cacophony of fake horns before eventually going into an operatic solo from Del Rey. Yes, it is as obnoxious as it sounds.

And for the NyceboY remix, Princess Superstar just added a hand-clap beat and some echo to “Golden Grill” and then she just called it a day.

Last week, Del Rey’s song “So Legit” leaked, sparking rumors that the song was a diss to Lady Gaga. On it she sings, “Stefani, you suck, I know you’re selling twenty million/Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg.” Ouch.

After a rush of leaks,  Del Rey  purposely releases the poster for her upcoming short film, Tropico.

According to the poster, the film is a “tale of redemption told to the music of Body Electric God’s and Monster’s Bel Air.” All three of the tracks listed–“Gods & Monsters,” “Body Electric” and “Bel Air”–are featured on Del Rey’s 2012 album, Paradise. Del Rey stars in the film with model Shaun Ross and Rick Rubin is listed as one of the film’s producers.

Del Rey let fans know via Twitter that the 30-minute film will be screening in a city near them.

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