Radiohead’s Manager Defends Spotify, Feels Nigel Godrich’s Wrath

One day after Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich pulled Atoms For Peace’s album Amok from Spotify citing the streaming service’s lack of monetary support for new artists, Brian Message, who co-manages Radiohead, has come out in defense of the company.

Message told the BBC  that he looks at new technology like Spotify as a good thing. “The Internet is a really cutting edge way for fans and artists to communicate,” he said. “And we want to see that opportunity to develop and evolve.”

As Yorke’s manager, Message says the singer’s disdain for the company made him take note, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with his client’s opinions.

“[Yorke’s] rightly asking the question of, ‘What’s in this for new music and new artists?’ I think we’re all debating this,” Message said. “[But] as the model gets bigger I think we’ll find a place where artists and managers and all creators can all receive what they regard as equitable remuneration.”

He added, “It’s not black and white, it’s a complicated area. There’s been over 20 attempted reviews of copyright and how it operates in the internet era, and there’s been no satisfactory solution to it.”

But in the end, Message says as a manager he needs to be open to finding new ways to help his clients make money.

“The bottom line is, technology is here to stay, and evolution of technology is always going to go on,” he said. “It’s up to me as a manager to work with the likes of Spotify and other streaming services to best facilitate how we monetize those [platforms] for the artists we represent.”

While Yorke has yet to address Message’s comments, Godrich took to Twitter earlier today to say his peace, which included an allegation that Message has a financial stake in Spotify.

Only to take it back minutes later. Sort of, since the winking emoticon definitely makes it seem less sincere.

Yorke and Godrich removed not only Atoms For Peace from Spotify, but Yorke’s 2006 solo album, The Eraser and Godrich’s own band, Ultraísta. Radiohead albums are still currently available to stream.

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