By Annie Reuter


Now that summer is officially here, love is in the air. decided to ask a few musicians some relationship questions on budding summer romances. The guys from Far East Movement, Plain White T’s, Parachute and Drop City Yacht Club all weighed in and some of their answers may surprise you.

Our first question, “Do guys prefer it when a woman asks them out?,” received a unanimous yes from every band member.

“It’s 2013…,” Far East Movement’s Prohgress asserted. “In Sweden, women are way more upfront with the way they feel. They buy you drinks. I enjoyed it.”

While each member of Far East Movement were all for being asked out, Kev Nish said it does put them in a weird position. “What if you’re not feeling her and she’s doing all this for you? Now we know how girls feel when you put mad dough down and they’re not feeling you.”

Plain White T’s Tom Higgenson and Drop City Yacht Club’s A Wolf shared the same belief.

“They should do it all the time,” Higgenson urged. “Please ask me out. Anyone. If you see me at the bar, come talk to me.”

While A Wolf confessed, “I actually prefer that. Guys don’t like rejection. We would much rather be asked out.”

While all the bands agreed on the topic of girls asking guys out, they were divided on whether you should tell your best friend you have a crush on them. Parachute’s Will Anderson learned the hard way that being that honest sometimes has its disadvantages.

“I’ve done that before and it backfired,” he admitted. “I told one of my best friends that I really like her and she told me she viewed me like a brother. So that was that.”

Bandmate Johnny Stubblefield said that it is hard to go from the friend zone into a relationship. While Plain White T’s Tim Lopez said it’s always better to be honest, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. “At least you know. Move forward, move on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Drop City Yacht Club’s Kristo told the tale of a friendship that turned into something more only to end badly.

“Eventually I found out she had different feelings for me and then we acted on that,” he recalled. “It didn’t work out and now we’re not friends anymore. It’s probably best to get that out in the open.”

Communication is key with any relationship and when the topic of summer flings came up, the guys agreed that each person has to know what they’re getting into.

“Flings are cool, you just have to communicate,” Drop City Yacht Club’s THX said. “It’s the same thing as the friend zone we were talking about. You all gotta chop that up real quick. ‘You wanna hang out some more after the summer or is this just a fling thing?’ Just be honest.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Kristo shared his own advice. “If you’re willing to do it, then do it. But you’re probably setting yourself up for upset but life is full of upset you turkeys, so get out there and have some flings!”


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