Nine Inch Nails Release ‘Came Back Haunted’ Video, David Lynch’s Epileptic Nightmare

Nine Inch Nails released their anticipated David Lynch-directed “Came Back Haunted” video this morning (June 28).

The recurring image throughout the new video is a black and white photo of a ballerina wearing a gas mask, all of which is overlaid with a giant spider. “Came Back Haunted” packs in a myriad of flashing, distorted clips interspersed with Renzor singing as the camera captures the footage in a near-epileptic state of jitter.

Both fans of twisted and mysterious imagery, NIN head Trent Reznor and Lynch last worked together on 1997’s Lost Highway soundtrack.

“It’s weird, oddly enough. It’s just a bizarre thing,” Reznor said of the video earlier this week to KROQ’s Kevin & Bean.  “When we saw the first rough cut it was like ‘OK, this couldn’t be better.’ This is exactly what we were hoping it would be and it’s kind of indescribable and it’s not like any other video we’ve done. And that’s what we wanted.”

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When asked if other new NIN songs will have accompanying videos, Reznor explained to KROQ that he’s leaving that up to the “capable hands” at his new label, Columbia Records.

“You know this time around, I’m doing something a bit different,” he added.

Having had an “excellent experience” with Columbia Records, which released his How To Destroy Angels project, he believed continuing with Columbia was a good move for Nine Inch Nails as well. The label, he said, was willing to take the weight off his shoulders and allow him to focus on music, and not the business of music.

Hesitation Marks, the band’s first album in five years, is set for a September 3 release.

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