Moby Makes His Music Free For Use By Indie Filmmakers

Electronic music icon Moby has announced the relaunch of website, an online music library where independent filmmakers can access more than 150 of his songs to use free of charge.

Mobygratis is a website I started four or five years ago, and basically gives free music to film students, nonprofits, indie filmmakers, and the music is free,” Moby explains in a new video posted earlier this week (below). “Well, the music is free as long as it’s used in non-commercial films. When the music is used in a commercial film, any money that’s generated goes to the Humane Society, so I get nothing.”

Among the available music on the site includes Moby’s two most recent full-length albums, 2011’s Destroyed and 2009’s Wait for Me, as well as tracks from other releases, including his massively successful 1999 LP, Play, which has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. There is also a large selection of unreleased music available on the website.

“There is quiet music and loud music and fast music and slow music,” Moby explained in the video. “So my hope is that somewhere on you’ll find the music that you’re looking for for your indie film.”


Moby, who first came to prominence in the American rave scene of the early ‘90s, is currently experiencing a bit of an uptick, performing well-received sets at music festivals this year such as Coachella and Detroit’s Movement. With a fortune estimated at $30 million, he was also ranked No. 11 by Celebrity Net Worth on their most recent list of the world’s richest DJs.

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