Robin Thicke Talks ‘Unrated’ Video

Robin Thicke is known for his soulful music but this time around it’s his music video that’s making headlines.

The unrated version of “Blurred Lines,” which Thicke premiered April, features several women sans clothing. YouTube quickly banned the naked clip, but not before it racked up more than one million hits.

“We just had a great feeling about the song,” Thicke told Carson Daly. “I made it last summer. I mean, I had it for about eight or nine months and Jimmy Iovine liked it, but nobody was really jumping all around the place for it.”

“And then we shot the video and Jimmy called me seven seconds into the video and he said, ‘This is a smash! This video is amazing!'”

“We had always planned on making an unrated [version], we like to call it. Not X, it’s just unrated,” he said. “So what we would do is shoot a segment with the girls dressed and then they would take their clothes off [and] we’d shoot the same shot.”

The 36-year-old entertainer got approval from his wife, actress Paula Patton, before going ahead with the racy shoot.

“The first time we saw the video, she watched both and we liked the dressed one so much, we were like, ‘Maybe we don’t need to do this with the naked one. Maybe it’s going too far,'” he explained. “Then we showed it to about 10 of our friends and they all were like, ‘Oh my God!’ So we put them both up.”

His upcoming album, also titled Blurred Lines, is scheduled for a late-July/early-August release.

“This is the most fun-sounding album. I’ve always been pretty introspective and deep for no reason and kind of full of myself!” Thicke said. “And I’ve always wanted all the credit, you know to write and produce everything and I’ve just gotten rid of all that and now. I just really want to have some fun and not be so self-obsessed anymore. So, the new album is a lot more entertaining.”

Thicke’s already locked down his second single, “Give It To You,” which features 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. The pairing may seem out of left field, but Thicke and Patton are huge fans of 2 Chainz.

“My wife and I, we love his records and we went to his concert at the House of Blues last year and him and I hit it off right away,” he said. “And I was waiting to find the right song.”

Visit AMP Radio to listen to the complete interview with Robin Thicke.

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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