New Music To Know: Drop City Yacht Club Mixes Something Old, Something New

Rejection is a hardship everyone goes through, but California-based trio Drop City Yacht Club manage to make it sound fun. The group’s latest single, “Crickets” featuring Jeremih, is a soulful throwback to the Motown era, with sultry piano features playing off smooth raps that detail the reality of being rejected by a girl.

Drop City Yacht Club is made up of Kristo, A Wolf and THX, who up until six months ago were known as the Freshmen. As band members said goodbye to their old name, they recently decided to drop a free mixtape ahead of their full-length release later this year.

“All those songs were a collection of songs that we did as the Freshmen,” A Wolf told of the mixtape.

Kristo further explained that the mixtape, aptly titledĀ Ode to Freshmen Year, was a send-off to that portion of their careers.

“Those were the songs that defined us as a group,” he said. “We released them as singles… [but] it was nice to finally put them together and send them off in a tiny tugboat of a package.”

A Wolf describes the mixtape as having a retro California sound, and he’s not far off. Interspersed with rapid-fire lyrics and gritty guitars that bring to mind a distinct Beach Boys flavor, the whole thing is an impressive merging of two worlds. Rapping of how they’re “a young Paul McCartney” and name-dropping James Dean on “Mister Dean,” the band’s music showcases their all-over-the-place influences.

“It’s got a retro ’60s pop meets hip-hop meets 2013 [feeling] — Beastie Boys meets the Beach Boys,” A Wolf said.

“Crickets” continues this sound with the help of Jeremih (“Birthday Sex,” “Down On Me”), whose soulful vocal hook floored band members when they heard it. While the group’s songwriting process usually builds off a beat, “Crickets” began with a simple idea between Kristo and A Wolf; they wanted to portray the flip side of the love song.

“The dark side of the love song when it doesn’t work out but not a breakup song,” Kristo explained. “We didn’t want to write a breakup song, we didn’t want to write a love song. We wanted to write the real-time version of what usually happens to guys when they try to pick up on girls which is a swing and a miss.”

To which A Wolf clarified, “basically we get rejected quite a bit.”

The song started as a joke, with the guys writing it around the worst pickup lines they’ve ever heard.

“We actually had better pickup lines at times that we got rejected with so we went with the corniest ones that we could possibly think of,” A Wolf said. “‘Crickets’ was a learning process for us. We’ve come to the conclusion that high-fives are the perfect segue to hitting on a girl.”

The song has already been getting radio airplay at Top 40 and Rhythmic stations throughout the country, well on its way to becoming one of the songs of the summer. As they gear up for their debut full-length due out later this year, the guys promise a memorable release.

“We just love what we’re doing,” Kristo said. “We work really well together and we have a blast making music. That’s the idea behind the album, to keep doing what we’re doing.”

“If you want to know what it’s like to be in California, buy the album in the fall,” A Wolf added. “It’s lightning in a bottle.”

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