Style Files: Demi Lovato Dishes On Makeup, Going Au Naturel

Demi Lovato recently visited New York radio station 92.3 NOW and opened up about her daily makeup routine and the inspirationĀ behind her new music video “Heart Attack,” off her self-titled album that drops May 14.

Earlier this month Lovato sent a positive message to her fans via Twitter, asking her fans to go all natural.

She wants her fans to love themselves the way they are without covering up their flaws with makeup or photo filters.

“When you look at pictures on Twitter or Instagram nowadays, it’s like five filters on a picture if you do take a picture with no makeup on,” she said.

The singer admits that she prefers not to be done up all the time.

“I don’t like taking off mascara at the end of the day,” she said. “Guys don’t even like when girls have makeup on.Ā On a general basis, I’m normally no makeup or at least that’s how it’s been lately. I do wear makeup, it’s just concealer and a little blush.”

In her “Heart Attack”Ā music video, Lovato sports an entirely different kind of paint. Her vision for the video was to show her inner conflict with falling in love. So, in the scenes where she is wearing white and has no makeup on, herĀ hands and forearms are covered inĀ black ink.

“The black ink represents the things I can’t let go of,” she said. “The reason why I’m afraid to fall in love is because I’m afraid of getting hurt again. It’s like the opposite to ‘Give Your Heart A Break.’ And then you see hand prints all over me. It’s like things are just pulling me back when I just want to fall in love. At one point I’m coming out of the ink.”

– Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/NYC


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