Ellie Goulding And Calvin Harris Couple Up For ‘I Need Your Love’

Ellie Goulding’s music has long been measured against the men she’s with — from the BBC DJ who inspired her current album, Halcyon, to EDM headliner/heartbreaker Skrillex. With this video collaboration with fellow Brit electronic artist Calvin Harris, Goulding finally tweaks the nose of looky-loos and music journalists who would use her romantic life as a plot line instead of actually penning a review.

For Harris, this is another on his whirlwind of collaborations with female singers from his album, 18 Months. After the massive success of “Sweet Nothing” with Florence Welch and the diamond-bright “We Found Love” with Rihanna, Harris has found his path: he makes the beats and they sing the words.

That Goulding is so game to play along in the video, down to the intimacies of frolicking nude in bed with Harris, along with the handheld nature of the camera work lends the video an air of authenticity, as if we’d simply discovered their unremarkable couple footage. Until, that is, the camera gets hijacked from a beach by a tattooed gentleman with a skateboard and a healthy sense of self-esteem. And then it starts making the rounds with all sorts of traditionally unsavory types who systematically tape over the images of the happy couple. Could this be a metaphor for what happens when the musician puts their work out into the world and promptly lose all control over it and how they are seen?

In the end all is right with the world when Harris and Goulding end up in bed together.


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