Essentials: Ben Howard Strums His Way Into The Spotlight

Author: Annie Reuter

Ben Howard may not be a household name just yet, but a big tour with Mumford & Sons, two BRIT Awards for Best Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act and a slot at this year’s Coachella are sure to elevate his standing.

While the British singer-songwriter has been compared to Jack Johnson and Nick Drake, his music embodies a distinct darkness that sets him apart. When sat down with Howard, he told us the story behind “Oats In the Water,” the haunting track off his 2012 EP The Burgh Island.


Gearing up for a set at Coachella this month, Howard continues to bring his music to the masses. Does he have what it takes to be recognized at, let’s say, the GRAMMYs next year? Some industry experts seem to think so. Find out why Howard has been named New Music To Know. Editor Dan Reilly, NME correspondent Hazel Sheffield and‘s own Jillian Mapes tell us the story of Ben Howard, while Howard himself explains his upbringing and how exactly those haunting tracks came to be written.

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