Why Rush Limbaugh Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Listen To Music, Or At Least Beyonce

Beyonce has released, without a doubt, the most claws-out song of her career with “Bow Down.” And yet, conservative punchline Rush Limbaugh thinks she’s suggesting that girls – who, BTW, run the world – “bow down” to their husbands.

On the brief track, which she released Sunday in conjunction with “I Been On,” Bey demands respect, and not just from the patriarchy. “Bow down, bitches,” she tells the female haters.

“I know when you were little girls / You dreamt of being in my world / Don’t forget it, don’t forget it / Respect that, bow down bitches / I took some time to live my life / But don’t think I’m just his little wife / Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted.”

Essentially: Y’all just jealous.


King Bey rubbed some the wrong way with her lyrics, which seemingly go against feminist beliefs that women are stronger together than against each other. R&B singer Keyshia Cole, for example, tweeted…

And that’s what we call a fair criticism. No one who knows a damn thing about Beyonce – be it her music or public persona – would think she is suggesting what the conservative radio host did on his show yesterday, sentiments he followed up today with a rant.

“‘Bow Down, Bitches’ is the new tune,” Limbaugh said on Wednesday (March 20). “A total 180. Beyonce’s now saying, ‘Go ahead and put up with it,’ and you know why? I’ll tell you why. Because she got married. She’s married to rich guy. She’s even calling herself ‘Mrs. Carter’ on the tour. She has shelved Beyonce. She’s no longer being called that. She’s gonna call herself ‘Mrs. Carter’ on the Bow Down, Bitches Tour [Ed. note: nope, not the title]. That’s the title of the single that’s fronting the tour. The advice to these women is, ‘Go ahead and put up with it. Put up with it now. Bow down, b-i-itches,’ because why? She got married. She married the rich guy and she now understands. She now understands it’s worth it to bow down, and so now she’s passing on this advice.”

It’s funny that Mr. Limbaugh should bring up Jay-Z’s wealth, since Beyonce has more highly-visible (and highly-lucrative) brand endorsement deals than her husband, ranging from Pepsi to H&M and everything in between. By the time Bey and Jay tied the knot in 2008, she’d been in the spotlight for roughly 11 years, scoring hit after hit after hit both with Destiny’s Child and solo. Girl’s got her own green, and has for a long, long time. Even someone as culturally out-of-touch as Limbaugh would know that; it goes without saying, he’s trolling hard.

Today, Limbaugh reacted to the reactions of his own stupidity, naturally blaming it all on liberals simply because Beyonce somehow represents all liberals since she has contributed money to and performed for President Obama.

“So in essence what I did, I held up a mirror to the left, and they saw themselves, and now they’re attacking me for doing this. It was a little throw-away portion of the program yesterday, and yet it’s all over the place what I think of Beyonce’s latest album, CD, tour, single, what have you. It’s hilarious.”

Look, no one is saying “Bow Down” is an anthem of female empowerment a la “Run the World (Girls)” or “Single Ladies” (note: both co-written by dudes). Beyonce tells the haters what’s up, but after that, she tells people like Limbaugh what’s up. “But don’t think I’m just his little wife,” she spits, seemingly addressing those who couldn’t appreciate the power dynamics in play within her stately Mrs. Carter World Tour promos. See, she’s the king, but she’s also Mrs. Carter. It’s 2013 and Beyonce is the biggest pop star in the world. Anybody – besides Mr. Limbaugh – wanna tell me why she can’t be both?

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