Pink’s ‘Mom Instincts’ Kick In, As She Halts Concert To Comfort Crying Girl

Attribute it to her own maternal instincts, but mother-of-one Pink was literally a showstopper at her show Sunday night (March 17) when she halted her set mid-song to the tune of a little girl’s sobs near the front of the audience.

She stopped her guitarist halfway through an acoustic version of “Who Knew” at the Philadelphia Truth About Love Tour stop and called out to the young fan.

“Is everything OK right here?” Pink asked. “Why is she crying? Why is she upset?”

Watch below.


A sea of voices in the audience informed her that a fight in the crowd had upset the child, which did not please Pink.

“You all are fighting around a little girl, upset her… Cut it out — you are all grown-a** women.”

Pink consoled the girl by offering her a toy frog and a Rice Krispies Treat that fans had brought as gifts for the singer and her nearly two-year-old daughter Willow.

“First of all, you look beautiful,” she told the girl. “Rice Krispies Treats make everything better.”

Pink lent some humor to the situation, adding, “My mom tried to beat up a lady at a school once, and I thought that was kind of cool.”

The audience cheered on her generosity, while Pink took it from the top and finished her set. She also performed a clean version of her 2010 single “Perfect,” because she felt uncomfortable with the songs explicit lyrics knowing that young fans were in attendance, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Truth About Love Tour continues throughout the U.S. and Europe through May.

Pink has one daughter, Willow, who turns two this June.

– Nee-Sa Lossing,


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