Mindless Behavior On Display In ‘All Around The World’ Doc

They’re no longer just a boy band — as of Friday, March 15, Mindless Behavior are now movie stars. Their debut film, All Around The World, opens in theaters nationwide today on the heels of the release of their second album earlier this week.

All Around The World is a documentary film about how we got together. It leads up to us winning [at] the BET Awards and it shows our personal side in Mindless Behavior,” Roc Royal said in an interview with Radio.com. “People usually see where you’re doing business, but this time you get to see the inner part of Mindless Beeavior.”

“We wanted to really push that because, like he was saying, when you see artists you usually seen them on on television shows [and] awards shows,” Ray Ray continued. “We show us in concert, but we also show the hard work that we go through, the personal problems and things like that. You might see us cry in the movie.”

The doc gives a real sense of who each of the individual members are, incorporating footage from before the guys even joined Mindless Behavior. From Princeton’s parade of rock t-shirts and Roc Royal’s penchant for glasses, to Prodigy’s tearful breakdown and Ray Ray’s natural affinity for dance, the film manages to highlight the real guys.

And the real guys were on display at the film’s premiere in Hollywood. Saying it was their favorite premiere, Princeton was quick to point out that it was also a vindication for MB.

“For me I think it would be CityWalk [in Hollywood] because whenever we do a show, L.A. is the place where we always get the small venues,” Princeton said. “We go to Detroit, we go to Tennessee [and] we get these big venues. Then we go to L.A. and we get like the House of Blues, which are really small, which sucks because we want our families to see our fan base. [CityWalk] was the one show that was free so anybody could come and our families were able to see the success that we have with the fan base.”

While Ray Ray was quick to talk about the fans and their celebrity friends who made the red carpet a fun environment, Princeton pointed out it was a big MB wardrobe moment.

“Usually when we have events we’re always dressed, we’re coordinating with each other,” Princeton said. “We thought, ‘This is the biggest event we’ve had this year!’ So we thought we were really going to go all out, dressed as MB, but our manager Keisha surprised us. [She] was like, ‘You know what, since it’s your premiere you guys go as yourselves.’ We really got to see our personal styles. I was comfortable, we were all comfortable. It was a great day.”

“We performed in our own clothes and had a great show,” Ray Ray said. “I was looking at some of the pictures online and we all look happy on stage. It’s a lot of pictures where you’ll catch each one of us doing something with our jackets,” he poses to illustrate. “You can tell, we were feeling our outfits that day.”

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