Mindless Behavior Are Down To Keep It On The Low

There’s a big difference between 13 and 17 — and the guys in Mindless Behavior are feeling it. Their new album, All Around The World, hit stores on Tuesday, March 12, and aside from high expectations, the guys told Radio.com that they’re excited to really feel what they’re singing on this record.

“Our expectations for this album is for us to hopefully go gold,” Roc Royal said, beaming.

“I want to go diamond. I’m already thinking like that already. I like to always think positive,” Prodigy chimed in. “It feels like we are gonna shoot.”

“I believe we put a lot of effort into this album so good things are going to come up,” Ray Ray said. “Overall, I think the fans are going to really appreciate and be able to connect with this album. And that’s really dope.”

There’s more to releasing a new album than the numbers game however. Prodigy illuminated how excited the guys were to grow into the material.

“What I love about this album [is] because now that we’re older, when we were singing and rapping we actually meant what we were singing and rapping. You can feel it coming through the song. On the first album we were still 13, 14. We didn’t know how to sing it with enough emotion. So I love the second album.”

Their single, “Keep Her On The Low” is exactly the kind of grown up thing the guys can newly relate to.

“I love that record,” Ray Ray said. “You know, we’re 16 and 17 now and we have friends that we talk to that could potentially become girlfriends. And when we do get that girl we want to keep her on the low from the public eye. You want to separate business from your personal side. I think it’s important to know, once we get off the stage we’re all human beings at the end of the day.”

It’s not only paparazzi and gossip blogs the guys may be keeping a girl on the low from, however.

“When you listen to the record, it also delivers a message: you want to keep your girl away from the other girls that you’re kind of talking to,” Ray Ray said with a smile. “It gets into that, you’ll just have to listen to the record.”

Princeton offered a different interpretation of the song, as something less romantically driven.

“I don’t think it’s specifically just love life,” Princeton said, “I think it’s love life. I think for an artist we have to keep a sense of reality and fantasy. The fantasy is for the world. It’s the whole image, it’s the music, it’s what you put out there to the world. But the reality of it is who you are and how you stay down to earth. It’s the family, the people that you like who keep you humble — those are the things that we cherish every day.”

The guys named examples of couples who managed to keep it the opposite of low who they admire: Wiz & Amber, Kim & Kanye and Jay-Z & Beyonce. It’s not for everyone — maybe or maybe not for the guys — but, as Ray Ray says, “certain couples can do it.”

Mindless Behavior’s new album is available now and their movie, also titled All Around The World, opens nationwide on Friday, March 15.

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