By Shannon Carlin

The guys of A Silent Film are used to the comparison game. From Coldplay to Snow Patrol they’ve heard it all. But while the comparisons can get old, they never seem to get tired of hearing they sound a little like The Killers.

“They are an amazing band,” singer Robert Stevenson told “I’m very proud to be in the same category.”

Like The Killers, the English band, who are currently touring the States behind their 2012 album, Sand & Snow, write anthemic choruses that fans can’t help but sing along to. But even with the similarities, Stevenson was quick to point out that his band is very different than the Vegas band.

“They’re very American in their approach, and we love that,” he said. “But I don’t think there’s any danger that we’re ripping them off in any way.”


Guitarist Karl Bareham thinks the comparisons are just a starting point, a way to get people interested in a band before they actually get a chance to hear the music.

“I think people feel more comfortable when they can put it somewhere in their own head,” he said. “I think if someone listens or goes to a show of a band thinking they sound a certain way…on the way home they say, ‘Oh, that’s completely out on its own.’”

Drummer Spencer Walker said he’s always asking friends what a band sounds like and would be excited to see any band that is described as sounding Killers-like, but when someone tells him A Silent Film sounds like another well-known band he can’t help but get a little weird.

“If someone says that about your own band,” he explained. “You say, ‘no, no, we’re trying to get away from that.’”


The end game though, as Steven explained, is to get people saying so-and-so sound like A Silent Film. He added that this of course makes them part of the whole problem. “Why complain,” Stevenson said. “We’re very happy about it.”

Walker agreed that being compared to the Killers wasn’t such a bad thing. Though this might have something to do with his love for Killer’s drummer, Ronnie Vannucci.

“God Bless him,” Walker said, without any hint of sarcasm.


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